2020 Starland County Road Ban Information

27 March 2020

Essential Services Road Ban Exemptions:

Farmers hauling grain, seed and fertilizer during the COVID-19 pandemic are exempt from road bans on all provincial and municipal road ways. These are now considered essential goods because they are immediate precursor raw materials used for the manufacturing of food.

Starland County would also like to extend a huge thank you to all our farmers for their hard work not only during this difficult time, but all year round as well.


Due to the spring weather which is now upon us, Starland County is asking for the cooperation of those hauling heavy loads such as, oil and gas companies and the grain haulers, to follow a guideline of moving products:

  • Move only on frozen track preferably between (6 am till noon)
  • Tridem axle groups to haul a maximum of 17,000 kg on all gravel roads
  • Speed limit past ratepayers of 50 km/hr
  • No overweight loads
  • 75 % loads if you can
  • Remember it is spring, frost is coming out of the roads and grader operators will do just as much damage trying to fix the roads
  • Please remember that we have a few roads that are banned year-round at 75%. They are:
    • Rng. Rd. 16-5 from Highway 9 to Twp. Rd. 33-4 (Craigmyle Resource Road)
    • Twp. Rd. 30-2 from Highway 9 to Secondary Highway 849 (Past Gartley)
    • Twp. Rd. 30-2 from Highway 9 to Secondary 838 (West of Munson)
We would appreciate knowing when and where you are hauling to and from, so that we can monitor road conditions and keep on necessary repairs if we can