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Office Address:
Main Administration Building
103 Main Street
Box 249
Morrin, AB  T0J 2B0

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 4 pm
Monday to Friday except Statutory Holidays

Phone:(403) 772-3793
Fax: (403) 772-3807

An after-hours Mail Slot is located on the north side of the building on the back door for the convenience of customers and taxpayers.




2013/2014 Snowplow Agreement
2013/2014 Committee List
Starland Ag Talk February Edition
2012 Financial Statement
Official Election Results


On behalf of Council and the residents of Starland County, we welcome you and we hope that you find this site to be informative and useful to you. Starland County has many things to offer as well as being a great place to visit.

What's New In Starland County

  • 2% Liquid Strychnine Control Program
    This program runs from March 31st to June 30th. For more information, click here.

  • Toxic Waste Roundup
    The annual toxic waste roundup will be held on Friday, June 6th at the Village of Delia Public Works Yard from 8 am to 4:30 pm. For information on what you can dispose at the round up, please click here.

    This is to advise that a TEN (10) PERCENT (%) PENALTY will be added to ALL taxes remaining on the rolls as of March 1st, 2014.

  • Starland Ag Talk February 2014 Edition
    Check out the February 2014 edition of Starland Ag Talk.


  • 2013/2014 Snow Plowing Agreements
    If you require your driveway or bin locations to be plowed for snow removal this winter, you are required to sign a snow plowing agreement. To access the agreement online, click here to print a copy or else you can come in to the office to sign one or one can be faxed to you to fill out.

  • Campgrounds Closing for the Season
    Starland Recreation Area, Michichi Dam Recreation Area and McLaren Dam Recreation Area will be closed for the season as of September 30, 2013.

  • Check out Starland County on Twitter
    Our Twitter account is @StarlandCounty for those of you who use Twitter. It's one more way to keep up with what is happening in Starland County.

  • Speed Awareness Campaign Update
    On May 31, 2013, the SADD chapter from Morrin School along with the RCMP and Starland County FCSS and Bylaw Enforcement held a speed awareness campaign in Morrin. Check out the blog on the Project Gearshift website to find out more.
  • For Information regarding Emergency Alerts please click on the Alberta Emergency Alert Icon on the left hand side of this screen.
  • Delia & District History Book Update
    The Delia History Book Committee is seeking submissions of written and pictorial family histories so they can compile an updated history book. For more information, click here.
  • Road Ban Information
    There are currently no road bans on Starland County roads.   Please check with Brenda Gallagher, Community Peace Officer,  for more information about legal loads at 403-321-0478.
  • Alberta's Water Act requires that an approval and/or license must be obtained before undertaking a construction activity in a water body or before diverting and using water from a water body. For further information, please read The Administrative Guide for Approvals to Protect Surface Water Bodies under the Water Act.

  • High Speed Internet is available in Starland County. For further information or to see if it is available in your corner of Starland County, please contact Netago in Hanna.




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Links of Interest

  • Red Deer River Watershed Alliance - A multi-sector, non-profit organization that promotes the good use and proper management of water and land within the Red Deer River Watershed. No matter where you live, you live in a watershed and your actions in the watershed can have an impact on the health of that watershed. A newly added feature is the Red Deer River Watershed Atlas maps.














Ross Rawlusyk
T: (403) 772-3793
F: (403) 772-3807

Shirley Bremer
Assistant CAO
T: (403) 772-3793
F: (403) 772-3807

Alan Hampton
Agricultural Fieldman
T: (403) 772-3793
C: (403) 321-1287
F: (403) 772-3807
T: (403) 772-3793
F: (403) 772-3807

T: (403) 772-3793
F: (403) 772-3807


Utilities/Water Billings
T: (403) 772-3793
F: (403) 772-3807


Glen Riep
Manager of Municipal Services
T: (403) 772-3793
C: (403) 820-4077
F: (403) 772-3869


Al Pratt
Interim Public Works Supervisor
T: (403) 772-3831
C: (403) 321-3285
F: (403) 772-3807

Doug Finkbiner
Assistant Public Works Supervisor
T: (403) 772-3831
F: (403) 772-3807

Stan Hampton
Road Construction Foreman
T: (403) 321-2284

Brenda Gallagher
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
T: (403) 321-0478

Diana Rowe
Community Services Director
T: (403)

Sharon White
Safety/Inventory Coordinator
T: (403)




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