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Overweight/Over-dimension Permits

If you require an overweight/over-dimension permit you can now apply easily online!  Starland County has entered into a agreement with the Government of Alberta for use of their Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System Multi Jurisdiction (TRAVIS-MJ) for issuing overweight/over-dimension permits.  The system has the ability to accept a single electronic permit application and apply the rules and requirements of the Province and all affected municipalities to create a single permit document.  The fee paid for the permit will be collected by the Province on behalf of Starland County and distributed.

Applicants wishing to obtain an overweight/over-dimension permit for Starland County roads can access the TRAVIS-MJ permitting system on the Alberta Transportation Website here.  For more information on hauling on Starland County roads please contact our Peace Office Brenda Gallaghar at 403-321-0478.

Updated 3 years, 6 months ago on Mar 3rd, 2015