Winter Roads Maintenance

Winter roads maintenance primarily consists of keeping drive-able throughout the snow filled months.  County operations such as plowing, sanding and salting roads are provided as the weather dictates.  Starland County also offers lane-way clearing services for a fixed fee.  For more information please contact the Public Works Department listed in the Contacts section of this web site.

Winter Roads Maintenance

County plow trucks and graders will be out after every snow fall plowing roads on a priority basis.  Additionally Starland County applies sand and salt on County roads to aid with traction and snow melt on an as needed basis.  Overall priority will be given to school bus routes and main collector roads.

Snow Plow Agreements

Starland County provides private snowplowing services for lane-ways and other services like clearing for grain bin access. The snow removal operations will be provided in conjunction with regular snow removal operations but will not interfere with the regular supply of services and maintenance to the municipality at large.

Prior to receiving any snow removal operations on private land, the landowner (or renter by virtue of a lease agreement) must complete a Snowplowing agreement and file same at the municipal office.  A minimum fee of $75.00 for plowing will be charged to the landowner each time the private lane-way snow removal operation is provided.  Any time required for any other snow removal operation, other than lane-ways, will be charged at the hourly rate of $140 per hour with one hour being the minimum charge.  Additional work requested by the landowner will only be provided if in the grader operator’s opinion, the additional work requested will not interfere with the normal snow removal operations on municipal roads.  For renters requiring lane-way snow removal a $150.00 deposit at the time the agreement is signed is also required, and this deposit will be applied to future services provided to the renter of a property.  If the deposit amount is used for invoices applied, an additional $150.00 deposit will be required in order for snow removal services to continue.  The application forms can be downloaded below and submitted at the main administration office building in Morrin.

Form - Snowplow Agreement Owner
Form - Snowplow Agreement Renter


Grader operators following the priority listing below in snow clearing operations:

  1. Snow removal or maintenance on graveled school bus routes
  2. Snow removal on local gravelled roads other than school bus routes
  3. Snow removal on private laneways
  4. Snow removal on back roads as authorized by the Public Works Supervisor and Divisional Council Member
  5. Snow removal for bin access / plant access or other requested service

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