Summer Roads Maintenance

Starland County's goal is to provide a safe and efficient road network for businesses and individuals moving throughout the County.  With that aim Starland County provides the following services:

Starland County Road Graders are out Monday to Friday maintaining smooth gravel road surfaces which are properly drained.  The County is separated into 6 grader divisions to maintained by a single grader.  It is the County's intention to complete each division on a two week schedule with exceptions being made for special maintenance.

Dust Control

For Spring 2023 dust control policy follow the link below.

2023 Dust Control Agreement

Road Graveling
The County has a five-year graveling program in place. The intent of the program is to gravel approximately one-fifth of the gravel road network each year.  Road graveling occurs during the spring to fall season and the regular program may be adjusted to accommodate the emergence of problem areas.

Roadside Mowing
Roadside Mowing begins in the summer months and carries in to the fall.  Depending on weather conditions all main County roads will receive between 1-2 and two cuts yearly.

For more information please contact the Public Works department through any of the numbers listed in the contacts sections of this website.

Updated 1 year ago on May 9th, 2023