2022 Strychnine Program - Starland County

6 January 2022

2% Liquid Strychnine Control Program

Health Canada is cancelling the registration of strychnine, and all associated end-use products used to control Richardson’s ground squirrels for sale and use in Canada. To comply with this decision, products will be phased out.

Strychnine sales end on March 4, 2022

Strychnine possession and use is prohibited after March 4, 2023

The sale of 2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate (LSC) for the control of Richardson’s  Ground Squirrels (RGS’s) is approved for the 2022 season. 

Starland County is participating in this program and will have 2% LSC available to qualifying farmers from January 7th until March 4th, 2022. The abbreviated details of the  program are as follows:  

  • The product is only available to Agricultural Producers in Starland County
  • Each producer is restricted to 2 cases (48 bottles) of Strychnine per purchase, with a minimum purchase of 6 bottles
  • Provincial Pest Inspectors may inspect your property to ensure that you are complying with all the label directions and conditions of use and registration
  • Any non-target poisonings must be reported and the product cannot be used on any quarter which has burrowing owls or any other species at risk
  • Violation of any of the outlined terms and conditions will result in the purchaser forfeiting the right to use and could result in a fine of no less than $1500.00
  • The purchaser must sign a document that states:
    a) They have a severe infestation as defined by AB Agriculture and Food
    b) They will use 2% LSC for control of the RGS’s
    c) They will not sell or give away any 2% LSC

Cost of the product is $312.00 per case or $13.00 per bottle For further information or to book your product please contact Ryan Hallett Agricultural Fieldman Starland County 403-772-3793