AAMDC Responds to Bill 6

8 December 2015


It is the position of the AAMDC that safety must be of paramount importance in all of Alberta’s workplaces including farms. However, the agriculture industry is unique, and one-size fits all regulatory approach has the potential to hinder small and family run agriculture operations.

While farm safety legislation may be required, the Provincial Government should only proceed following thoughtful and extensive consultation with Alberta’s farming and ranching community to ensure that any proposed changes balance the need to protect farm workers while maintaining the viability of the agriculture industry.

At this time there are too many unknown consequences to proceed with this legislation. Bill 6 must be delayed until such time as meaningful and credible consultation has taken place. This consultation should include all stakeholders including AAMDC and should pertain to the draft legislation, regulations and terminology resulting from Bill 6. Only then would AAMDC reconsider it’s position.

As a vital contributor to the provincial economy, protecting the agriculture industry and the rural way of life is in the best interest of Albertans.