Alberta Conservation Assoc Landowner Survey

15 January 2021

Alberta Conservation Association is looking to grow hunting in our area but they need to understand landowner's concerns.

If you’re a landowner, the to-do lists are long. From farming to fencing to access to taxes—owning land is a big responsibility. Add in visits from people pursuing their own slice of hunting heaven, and there’s another level of management to think about.

Yet, for the benefit of all Albertans, more hunters is exactly what we need right now. Hunter numbers have been dwindling for decades, pushing us closer to the breakdown of licence-funded conservation. While Alberta has fared better than other places, a continued decline is a major concern for all wildlife managers and conservation organizations across North America. They rely on hunting data and funding to help guide balanced wildlife and habitat management.

So what stops people from developing and maintaining an interest in hunting? After examining influencing factors, Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) found one of the greatest barriers is finding a location to hunt. Past surveys suggest most landowners are willing to allow some form of hunting access. But, we also know many hunters, especially new ones, struggle to gain the trust of landowners and get access.

Survey results will be anonymously posted. Click here for more information.