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Fire at the Starland County Aministration Office in Morrin

7 June 2018
Updated Monday June 7th

Due to a fire at the Main Administrative Office in Morrin, Starland County will cease all ongoing operations from that site.  No injuries were reported and the fire has been contained.  Please note that all regular road maintenance operations, water and sewer services, and all other critical operations of the County are still functioning.  

Temporary operations have been set up in the Public Works office located in the north end of Morrin as well as the Munson Fire Hall on the corner of Munson and Highway 9.  We ask that all residents and businesses remain patient while we proceed with these temporary locations.  Some financial functions may be temporarily impacted during this transition period. Starland County will be accepting payments now at the Public Works Shop Office, located at 301 - 2nd Street North, Morrin, T0J 2B0.  Cash, Cheques and telephone banking will be accepted, we will no longer be accepting debit.

The Starland County Alberta Treasure Bank (ATB) Branch is currently closed and all individuals and businesses should the use the Drumheller Branch location for their banking needs at this time.  It is anticipated that Starland County will reopen a branch in Morrin following the construction of new facilities.

Utilities billing will be delayed by approximately one to two months while the financial system is inoperable.  All financial records related to utilities billing have been maintained and updated bills will be processed and delivered as soon as possible.

Please note that the regular Starland County administration number 403-772-3793 is back online and all calls should be directed to this line.  Additionally all fax lines as well as the Public Works land line are back online.  For all other regular inquiries please see the contact page and contact the appropriate department where direct contact numbers are listed. 

All physical deliveries should be made to the Munson Fire Hall at 10 Centre Avenue, Munson, Alberta T0J 2C0. Deliveries at 103 Main Street Morrin will no longer be accepted.

Please check back with this site for regular updates.