Lane Snowplowing Agreements

1 November 2021

The Council of Starland County has continued their policy for private laneway snowplowing operations.  The intent of the policy is to streamline the private laneway snowplowing operations with local roadway snow removal.  The area Grader Operator will provide laneway snow removal operations to all ratepayers who have signed up for the laneway snow removal program.  Each time the operator plows the local roadway, he will also clear the laneways of participating ratepayers.  The landowner will automatically be invoiced the minimum fee of $75.00.  If the landowner requires additional private work to be carried out (clearing bins, etc.) he will be charged any additional time at the full hourly rate of $140.00 per hour with a minimum one hour charged. The county will not provide snow removal services to any ratepayer who has not signed the lane snowplowing agreement with Starland County.

To be placed on the list for private snowplowing operations, a lane snowplowing agreement must be completed. 

The lane snowplowing agreement can be completed at Starland County’s office in Morrin, or sent out by fax or mail. Snowplow agreements are also available for download on our County website's Winter Roads Maintenance page. To avoid a delay in service, all agreements should be completed as soon as possible. Individuals who participated in the Lane Snowplowing Program last year will receive a copy of the agreement in the mail, which can be completed and returned to the County office.

Renters who would like to take advantage of the private laneway snowplowing service will need to submit a $150.00 deposit to Starland County in advance of getting the service.  A deposit balance must be in place before snow removal can be completed on rental properties

If you have any questions about the laneway snowplowing agreement, please feel free to contact the Administration Office at 403-772-3793.