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A Message to Ratepayers

29 August 2018


As the Chief Administrative Officer of Starland County I am pleased to announce that regular operations of the Starland County Administration have resumed back in the Village of Morrin where we have operated for the last 60 years.  Thanks to the hard work of staff and the people of ATCO Structures we have moved into a new temporary office building right across the street from our old location.  In fact we will be operating with the exact same address as before, 103 Main Street.  The new facility will operate exactly as before with Big Country Gas already resuming operations in the building.  The ATB Financial Services location previously operating in our Morrin Office is still unavailable however plans are in progress for this location to begin operating again in late September.

Looking ahead we have a lot to be positive about.  The eyesore that is our previous office is to be scheduled for demolition soon and plans are already being drawn up for a new office and shop building to be located on the old CN Railway lands in Morrin.  Starland County has been putting aside money for a new shop from grant funding for years and combining the projects will provide a number of advantages.  We anticipate this process taking several years to complete however we know we will produce a facility that will make the ratepayers of Starland County proud and serve us for another 60 years. 

Once again we would like to extend a big thanks to all the individuals and organizations that came to our aid in our time of need.  From the firefighters who worked all day to stop the fire to the municipalities offering assistance.  Your help is very much appreciated and will not be forgotten.

Shirley Bremer
Starland County