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New Water Bylaw passed by Council

15 March 2019

On March 13th, 2019 Starland County created and passed a new water utilities bylaw, Bylaw 1137, in order to provide for transparent and consistent terms of service and other water service related requirements for all Customers.  These changes are part of an ongoing effort by Starland County to ensure the sustainability of our water system.  With this change, please note the following:

  1.      Customers with existing written service/supply agreements will be transitioning to the terms of service provided for within the Bylaw, upon the expiration of notice period provided;
  2.      Customers with existing written service/supply agreements are hereby put on notice that effective July 1st, 2019 the existing water services provided by the County shall be governed by Bylaw 1137 and the terms of service provided within the Bylaw;
  3.      Existing services to all Customers shall continue without interruption; and
  4.      All customers who continue to receive water utility services from Starland County agree to the Terms of Service contained in Bylaw 1137.

As per the terms of Bylaw 1137, Water Rates will be set by Council from time to time for all identified customer classes in Starland County.  Accordingly, the rate on July 1st for all residential customers excluding the village of Rumsey will be $3.15/m3.  Additionally, a new base fee of $20.00 will be charged to all properties with a service connection regardless of water usage.  Effective July 1st, properties with a service connection that do not currently have a water account with Starland County will begin receiving a $20.00 bill each month.  Village of Rumsey utility customers will continue to pay a flat fee for service, however this fee will be rising to $27.60 on July 1st.

For more information please consult Bylaw 1137 which is available for download from the link below.  Alternatively, you may contact us by telephone at 403-772-3793.

Bylaw 1137

Shirley Bremer
Chief Administrative Officer, Starland County