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Potential Water Service Disruption

22 November 2016

To all customers of the HKRWSC Water Distribution System,

Many of you may or may not be aware but the HKRWSC is in the midst of a major controls upgrade at the Treatment Plant in Hanna. The electricians are busy at the moment preparing many of the components for the upgrade while the WTP remains in full service.

There will be a 72 hour period that we will need to shut down the treatment process in order to upgrade the existing Programmable Logic Controllers, the HMI interface, and many other components that allows us to monitor and adjust the process and distribution needs. During this time we will have not have any communication links with our remote sites including the raw water pumphouse, regional reservoirs and client sites. The scheduled date of this major shut down will commence Tuesday morning November 29 through to December 1, 2016.  

The HKRWSC is requesting that it's customers including Byemoor, Endiang, Delia, Hanna, Youngstown, Cereal, Oyen, Acadia Valley, Cessford, & Wardlow operate on their own storage for these 3 days (Nov 29, 30 &  Dec 1). The HKRWSC will ensure that our storage facilities are at capacity on the morning of November 29th and we are asking you to ensure that your storage is also at or near capacity. We encourage you to notify your customers including fire departments, hospitals, hotels and restaurants of this shut down. The truck fills, hamlets. and Co-ops can remain in operation during this time as the demand they impose on the system is minor. We will have around 5700 m³ of potable water in storage before shutting down and our average daily use right now is 1563 m³ which equates to 3.6 days of storage. With that, I don't believe we will have a problem managing supply & demand during the estimated 3 days we are off-line. 

If any of you run into an emergency situation such as fire or other unusual water demand situation during this period, we request that you contact Garth Carl @ 403-854-0158 immediately and arrangements can be discussed and implemented. If it is absolutely necessary, the HKRWSC will be able to operate the WTP in a "Hand" mode, however this will require manning the WTP 24/7 and will be a labour intensive task. We ask that you run on your storage solely and not draw any water from the regional system. If your storage capacity falls below 40% we can make arrangements to refill but this can only be done during normal working hours as we will need to physically check reservoir levels and operate transfer pumps in hand to replenish the regional reservoirs from the main reservoir at the WTP. 

Alberta Environment (Notification Case #318424) and Alberta Health Services (Drumheller & Medicine Hat) have be notified of our intentions and plans in place.

Since Delia has limited storage, they will be filling their reservoir on a daily basis during the hours between 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Town of Hanna will be drawing directly from the clearwell at the WTP but will only have one distribution pump to maintain flow and pressure. The remaining systems will operate as normal other than having your inlet supply valves manually closed and isolated from the regional pipeline feeds. 

The Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission would like to thank you for your cooperation during this transition.

Garth Carl
CAO/Operations Director
Henry Kroeger Regional
Water Services Commission
P.O. Box 2170 / 501 South Municipal Rd.
Hanna, AB. T0J 1P0
p. 403 854 3523 c. 403 854 0158
e. [email protected] f. 866 825 1499