Recycled Asphalt for Sale

14 June 2016

Recycled Asphalt For Sale

Starland County has a limited supply of recycled asphalt (from the Highway 9) paving project for sale. The material is ideal for laneways and yard sites as it still has asphalt content and does pack in nicely.

As we only have a limited supply, individual orders will be restricted to 100 total cubic yards / ratepayer. The project cost is $10.00 / cubic yard. Starland County gravel haulers will deliver the product, and hauling will be charged at the rates paid by Starland County. Accounts will be prepared and mailed from the Starland County Administration Office in Morrin. GST will be charged at a rate of 5% on all product and trucking charges.

To order the material, please contact the Administration Officer at 403-772-3793.

Al Pratt
Public Works Supervisor
Starland County