RFP for Highway Signage Design and Replacement

11 May 2022

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS & TENDERS:                              


The purpose of this RFP is to allow for a fair and competitive evaluation process in which all contractors can provide a quotation based on certain criteria.  Please note that the lowest quoted proposal nor any, will necessarily be awarded this tender.

Starland County is requesting written proposals from qualified contractors to provide the design, fabrication and installation of entrance signs to be installed at various highway entrances on the borders of the County.  This proposal shall include four (4) larger (approximately 8 ft. x 4 ft.) reflective decorative highway signs and four (4) medium-sized (approximately 6 ft. x 3 ft.) similar reflective and decorative highway signs for installation at the secondary highway entrances into the County.  Proposals are to be split into two parts:

                1. The first part is the design and construction of the aforementioned signs, showing individual pricing for each to assist in budgeting purposes;

             2. The second part is the installation.

These proposed designs are to follow the Alberta Government’s guidelines for sign installation within the highway control zone.  The existing signs will be removed and disposed of by Starland County.  Depending on the design and pricing received, Starland County may not purchase all signs required in the same fiscal year due to budgetary restrictions.

To arrange for a visit or if you have any questions pertaining to the specifics of this RFP and the scope of services, please contact Shirley Bremer, Starland County, at 403-772-3793 or email [email protected].

Tenders will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on June 6th, 2022 and must be submitted to Shirley Bremer, CAO of Starland County, in one of the following manners:

  • Sealed envelope with “Highway Signage Tender - Attention:  Shirley Bremer” clearly marked on it; or
  • Emailed in a printable format to [email protected] (all emailed tenders will be acknowledged upon receipt, however, it remains the responsibility of the contractor to ensure it is received by the CAO.)


Starland County

P.O. Box 249

217 Railway Avenue North

Morrin, AB    T0J 2B0




We would like the proposed signage to accomplish the following:

  •    Reflect the County colors and incorporate design elements of the Starland County logo onto the signage
  •      Draw attention to the sign through visual appeal
  •      Sign should read “Starland County” or “Welcome to Starland County” or a similar type of verbiage
  •     Good visibility and easy to read from a distance in the daylight as well as reflective paint to be visible at night as well
  •    Ability to add a removable “Special Events” sign on lower portion (ie. “Fire Ban in Effect”)
  •    Comply with all regulations regarding signage along the highways


Tenders should include the following information:

1.            Sample(s) of Design and a visual “Mock up” of Installed Signage

2.            Materials to be used for fabrication (ie. Metal, aluminum, wood, etc. and durability, expected longevity, etc.)

3.            Size of proposed signs

4.            Approximate completion and installation date

5.            Cost per sign & installation

6.            Warranty on workmanship

7.            Complete contact information

8.            Terms of Payment

9.            References

See the full announcement below:

RFP for Highway Signage Design and Replacement