Seed cleaning plant for Delia

20 January 2017


  • It’s a matter of need; our existing plant was built in 1960 and has served it’s time 
  • Over 1 million bushels of seed are required by Starland County farmers annually and a problem exists in where do we clean our seed
  • Grain quality upgrade is easily another 1 million bu and will  get higher if fusarium becomes common in the area
  • Portable cleaning units have a place in this system, and will continue to operate, but they have limitations such as  availability, seed treating potential and an increased risk of spreading noxious weeds
  • A modern seed cleaning plant will not only clean commercial and pedigreed seed, but also apply seed treatments and clean grain to export standards
  • A new seed plant would position us to aggressively pursue a deal to load grain into shipping containers offering added value for our customers
  • The cleaning a new plant will provide will be superior as we will be equipped to clean through five stages to meet customer needs
  • The addition of an optical colour sorter will offer producers the ability to upgrade product such as taking wheat out of barley  
  • A new plant will have unloading and loading capacities similar to modern elevators making the customer experience positive
  • We have a perfect location to grow our business as we are the only stationary plant between Three Hills and Oyen
  • More capacity means the plant could pay a better wage and provide career opportunities to others in the area
  • Agriculture is the most important industry in Starland  so support of this vital sector is critical to ensure continued success of our producers
Plan to attend the Delia C-2000 club meeting on February 8th at the Delia Community Hall to find out where we are at and how you can help make this opportunity a reality.  For more information on the meeting download the link below.

Delia C-2000 Meeting

For more information call Alan Hampton at the Starland County Main Office at 403-772-3793.

Delia Seed Plant