Seeking 2 new members-at-large for Agricultural Service Board

12 October 2021

Attention all Farmers & Ranchers

Starland County is presently seeking two new members-at-large to join
our Agricultural Service Board (ASB)

If you are an active farmer and/or rancher residing in Starland County with a keen interest in agriculture and interested in contributing your experiences, knowledge and recommendations on various agricultural matters, please consider putting your name forward to be considered for an appointment to the Starland County Agricultural Service Board.

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) advises Council on how to best serve our rural communities.  The ASB provides services and recommendations to our farmers in regards to pests, crop disease, weeds, ranch management programs, best farming practices and soil and water conservation.

This appointment is for a 3-year term with the option of remaining on the Board for up to two terms.  The ASB meets approximately 6 to 8 times per year with the five Council members and two members-at-large forming this Board.  ASB members also attend tours and educational conferences outside the County to stay informed on the industry.

If you would like to learn more or put your name forward to be considered for this appointment, please contact Starland County Agricultural Fieldman, Ryan Hallett, at 403-772-3793 or 403-321-8415; or email  [email protected].

We are accepting submissions until October 22nd, 2021.