Starland County Farmer Survey

10 June 2020

The Starland Seed Cleaning Plant was incorporated April 28, 1959, has been in business since 1961, and is located in the Village of Delia. Over the 55 years of this plants existence it has cleaned over 15,000,000 bushels of grain and has served the community well. As the plant is nearing the end of its useful life, the community needs a reliable service to ensure the sustainability of the way of life i.e. the farms. Modern equipment, higher capacity, structural integrity are essential components of this ability to provide the service.

Building a new plant is a big undertaking as the estimated cost of a turnkey plant is $ 5 million. It is  an opportunity to invest in our own community and secure our own seed cleaner for the next 30 years- right in our County. 

This questionnaire is to determine what you want to see in this new facility? What should we change to ensure you get the service you deserve. How can we make this your own seed cleaning facility of choice?

All of your input is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than to gather information to determine how we move ahead with this project. 

Thank you for your participation

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