Water Rate Changes

8 January 2020

In early 2019 Council introduced Bylaw 1137 which governs the provision of water utility services in Starland County.  Schedule A of this Bylaw outlines the rates charged to customers which may be updated by amending this Bylaw.  As proposed with the introduction of this Bylaw the eventual goal of our water rates is to recover 100% of the supply costs of water (as represented by cost of water, power, goods) as well as 50% of capital replacement cost of the water system (as represented by water system annual depreciation).  As part of the effort to reach these revenue goals Starland County will be implementing a rate increase as of January 1st 2020 that will appear on the January bill.

Rates in 2019
Treated – To the Door:  $3.15/M3
Truckfills:  $3.13/M3
Rumsey - Flat:  $27.60 Monthly

Rates in 2020
Treated – To the Door:  $3.56/M3
Truckfills:   $3.56/M3
Rumsey:  $35.20 Monthly

For more information please consult Bylaw 1137 - Water Utility Bylaw.  Alternatively, you may contact us by telephone at 403-772-3793.

Shirley Bremer

Chief Administrative Officer, Starland County