Tax Recovery

Starland County relies on the collection of property taxes to provide services, maintain infrastructure and to meet our financial obligations.  Part 10 of the Municipal Government Act provides a means for municipalities to ensure that all businesses and individuals required to pay tax do so.  This is called the tax recovery process.


  1. A tax notification will be registered against a property when there are tax arrears for more than one year. (Taxes become arrears after December 31 in the year levied.)
  2. After registration of the tax notification on the property's certificate of title, the Provincial Land Titles Office will notify affected interest holders in the property.
  3. The property be offered for sale by public auction no later than two years following the date of registration of the notification in accordance with Section 418(2) of the Municipal Government Act.
  4. If the property is sold at the public auction, the County proceed to provide clear certificate of title to the purchasers in accordance with Section 423(1) of the Municipal Government Act.
  5. If the property is not sold at the public auction, the County proceeds to become the owner of the property in accordance with Section 424 unless for liability reasons (i.e. contaminated lands), other alternatives be investigated.

It should be noted that at any time during the process a property can be removed from the tax recovery process if the taxes and any accumulated penalties and administrative charges are paid.  This payment can come from anyone and not just the affected landowner.

Current land to be offered for tax sale:


Updated 8 years, 10 months ago on Sep 24th, 2015