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Request for Information (RFI) - Starland County Business Park Development
Starland County
217 Railway Ave North Morrin AB T0J2B0
January 16th 2024

1. Introduction:
Starland County is thrilled to announce the development of a new Business Park within our municipality. We invite interested parties to submit information as part of this Request for Information (RFI) process. This RFI aims to gather preliminary information from potential businesses interested in establishing operations within our business park.
2. Background:
Starland County is located just outside Drumheller, Alberta; within this economic region, there are close to 27,000 residents. Starland County's base industries are predominantly agriculture and Oil and gas, with some tourism and small businesses. The Business Park development will be located at the Corner of Highway 9 and 56, affectionately called Morrin Corner, which is in the heart of the economic corridor. It will be 143 acres of mixed-use commercial and industrial-zoned land in a phased approach to creating an economic driver for the county and surrounding region. Starland has entered negotiations to purchase the land and has a closing date on the purchase of December 6th, 2023. The EDO for Starland County has begun the process of attaining area structure plans, engineering costs, and conceptual design for the park for development in 2024/2025. Starland County is aware of potential businesses in different commercial and Industrial sectors that have expressed interest in locating within the development. Which could include but not be limited to Energy, Agriculture, Carbon Capture, Processing, Data Centers, Tourism, Transport, and other possible applications.
3. Objectives:
The objectives for this RFI are to:
• Identify potential businesses interested in establishing operations in the Starland County Business Park.
• Understand the types of businesses and industries that have an interest.
• Gather information on the needs and preferences of potential tenants.
• Assess market interest and demand for the business park.
4. Submission Guidelines:
Interested parties are invited to submit responses to this RFI by February 28, 2024.
Submissions should be sent electronically to [email protected] with the subject line:
"Starland County Business Park RFI Response Business Park Inquiry."
5. Information Requested:
Please provide the following information
5.1 Company Information:
• Name of the company.
• Contact person and their contact details.
• Company address.
5.2 Business Profile:
• Type of business or industry.
• Brief overview of your company's history and experience.
• Any specific plans or goals related to expansion or relocation to the Starland County
Business Park.
5.3 Space Requirements:
• Approximate space requirements in square feet or acres.
• Specific needs or preferences for facilities or infrastructure (e.g., utilities, transportation
access, zoning requirements).
5.4 Additional Comments:
• Any additional comments, requirements, or questions you may have regarding the
Starland County Business Park development.
6. Evaluation and Next Steps:
Responses to this RFI will be reviewed by Starland County. Please note that submission of
information in response to this RFI does not constitute a binding commitment on either party.
Submissions will be evaluated, and follow-up steps will be determined based on the information
7. Contact Information:
For inquiries or additional information regarding this RFI, please contact:

Jason Jede, Economic Development Officer, [email protected] , 403-772-3793 Ext 356

8. Conclusion:
We appreciate your interest in the development of the Starland County Business Park. We look forward to receiving your responses and exploring potential opportunities for collaboration.

Jason Jede
Economic Development Officer
Starland County
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