Animal Control


Under  Bylaw No. 985 and Amending Bylaw No. 1030, all dog owners in the hamlets of Rumsey, Rowley, Michichi and Craigmyle must obtain a license for their dogs over the age of three months. License tags are available at the Administration Office of Starland County. All dogs in the hamlets of Rumsey, Rowley, Craigmyle and Michichi must be licensed no later than January 31st of each year.  A Dog Fancier's License is required if an owner has three or more dogs.  Any owner violating the Dog Control Bylaw will be subject to the fines and penalties established in the Bylaw.  Licenses must be obtained to ensure that in the event that your dog is picked up, the dog tag will aid in contacting the correct individuals.

Fees are as follows:  
License for each neutered dog:  $10.00
License fee for each un-neutered dog: $20.00
Dog Fancier's License Fee:

  1.  if a person is the Owner of three (3) dogs: $30.00
  2.  if a person is the Owner  of four (4) dogs: $40.00
  3.  if a person is the Owner of five (5) dogs: $50.00


The Provincial Government has two pieces of legislation which deal with livestock control.

The Stray Animals Act deals with the means by which stray livestock are dealt with. It includes provisions to establish liability for damages caused by trespassing animals, as well as the capture, impoundment, and disposition of the stray animals.  The Act can be accessed by clicking here.

The Line Fence Act sets out the rules by which costs for a boundary fence must be shared between to adjoining parcel owners when livestock is held on one or both parcels.  The Act can be accessed by clicking here.

Updated 3 weeks ago on Jun 7th, 2022