Starland County manages seven cemeteries within our border for the benefit of all residents and plot owners.  These sites are managed in accordance with Bylaw 1055 - Cemetery Bylaw. The cemetery operations include:

  • the permitting of all works within the cemetery
  • sale of lots
  • record keeping
  • grounds maintenance
  • preservation and repairs to property
  • supervision of all works

There is also a cemetery committee for specific sites made up of local residents. The objective of the committee is to assist the County with long-range directives for the operation and care of the sites. The cemeteries have normal hours of operation for maintenance purposes from 8 am to 6 pm Monday – Friday. Work permits are required before any private work is commenced within our cemeteries and can be obtained through the County office in Morrin, Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm.  You can also download and fill out the form using the link below.

Cemetery Work Permit

Name and Location of Cemeteries

Craigmyle:   NE 1/4 19-31-16-W4 
Delia:   SW 1/4 4-31-17-W4 
Knoll Hill:   NE 1/4 31-30-18-W4 
Michichi:   NW 1/4 18-30-18-W4 
Morrin:   NW 1/4 22-31-20-W4 
Rowley:   SW 1/4 27-32-20-W4 
Rumsey:   SE 1/4 13-33-21-W4 

Cemetery Service Fees

Full Service – Grave site preparation and back-filling: $650.00 + G.S.T.
Full Service Weekend, Holidays or After Regular Hours – Grave site preparation and back-filling on any portion of a weekend or holiday day: $900.00 + G.S.T.
Cremation Services – Preparation for a Cremation burial: $100.00 + G.S.T.
Cremation Services Weekend, Holidays or After Regular Hours – Cremation burial site preparation on any portion of a weekend or holiday day: $150.00 + G.S.T.

Additional charges may be added to regular fees for services such as tree removal, cement cover removal and snow removal to facilitate burial.  For more information consult our grave excavation and back-filling policy.

For more information please contact:

Laura Cawiezel
Administrative Assistant 
[email protected]

Updated 9 years, 2 months ago on Mar 4th, 2015