Planning & Development Bylaws and Plans

Planning and Development is a key function within Starland County.  This essential service provides an understanding of the values of the community and reflects those values into our plans, policies and bylaws for the immediate and future development of our County.  The core mandate is to assist our residents to achieve their development goals and objectives within the scope of our Land Use Planning Bylaw.

The Planning and Development Department is available to discuss your development and building plans.  Before beginning any project there are several steps you will need to take to make sure your new development is in compliance with local bylaws and regulations.

Development Services is governed by provincial legislation including the Municipal Government Act, Part 17 Planning and Development, the Subdivision and Development Regulation and numerous municipal bylaws, plans and policies.

The scope of planning and development services include:

Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP):

An IDP is a statutory planning document prepared collaboratively between two (or more) municipalities.  IDP’s provide land use and development policy direction for lands of mutual importance, agreed to and adopted through matching municipal bylaws of the participating municipalities.  Starland County has adopted all of the required IDP’s and they are as follows:

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF):

Municipalities that share a common boundary must create an ICF with each other.  This Framework provides for integrated and strategic planning, delivery and funding of inter-municipal services.  It lists services currently provided by neighbouring municipalities and identifies how, if at all, intermunicipal services will be delivered and funded.  Starland County has adopted an ICF with each of the municipalities that share a common boundary.  They are as follows:

Municipal Development Plan (MDP):

A Municipal Development Plan is a key policy plan that communicates the long-term desired land use in the municipality.  It is a high-level blueprint that shows how the municipality is expected to change over time and the shape it will take in the future.  The MDP outlines our long-term land use policies, the manner and proposals for future development, and the municipal services and facilities in the entire municipality.  Starland County’s Municipal Development Plan was adopted and finally passed October 23, 2019.

Land Use Bylaw (LUB):

The Land Use Bylaw implements the policies of the IDP and MDP by regulating and controlling the use and development of land and buildings within Starland County.  It outlines how plans must be prepared and adopted to achieve orderly, economical and beneficial development.  The LUB is intended to maintain and enhance the natural resources provided through the ecosystem by minimizing possible negative impacts of development while, at the same time facilitating public access and enjoyment.  The LUB defines what constitutes development or land use; outlines the various land use districts and lists the land uses allowed in each district; separates all the land uses enabled in each district into permitted and discretionary uses; and sets the development standards (e.g., Size of land and buildings, setbacks and site coverage) for each land use district.  It also lists the requirements for a development permit application and timelines for decision; outlines the process for appealing a development permit decision; and the process for amending the Land Use Bylaw.  Starland County adopted their most recent Land Use Bylaw on April 26, 2017.  This Bylaw is amended from time to time and these amendments are noted below as well.

Other Planning Bylaws:

Starland County has several other related Planning Bylaws.  They are as follows:

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