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Agricultural Service Board

About the Board

The County Council and two farm members, together with the Agricultural Fieldmen, address the current and local issues affecting agricultural production, develop policies and implement programs for the benefit of farmers and the environment.

The Agricultural Service Board was established in Starland County in 1945, in accordance with the Agricultural Service Board Act of Alberta. The Board is funded through a Provincial Service Board Grant, fees from Sales and Service from Control Programs, Municipal Tax, and other grants.

These funds are budgeted by the Agricultural Service Board members and approved by Council. Board activities are administered by the agricultural fieldmen. ASB meetings are held once a month on the first Tuesday of each month.


Murray Marshall, ASB Chairman

John Rew, Councillor

Jackie Watts, Councillor 

Bob Sargent, Councillor 

Steven Wannstrom, Councillor 

Brian Heck, Farm Member

Kerry Sharpe, Farm Member

Alan Hampton, Agricultural Fieldman

Dara Kudras, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Shirley Bremer, Secretary 

Agricultural Fieldmen  

Agricultural Fieldmen are the administrative officers that carry out various programs set out by their Agricultural Service Boards. They are also appointed as inspectors or regulatory officers to administer the four acts for which Starland County is responsible. These four acts are:

Weed Control Act

Soil Conservation Act

Agricultural Pests Act

Agricultural Service Board Act

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