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Rental Equipment & Programs

**PLEASE NOTE** These services and rentals are offered to Starland County ratepayers only, and an APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED to purchase strychnine



2% Liquid Strychnine Control Program 2019

The sale of 2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate (LSC) for the control of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels (RGS’s) has been approved for the 2019 season.

Starland County is participating in this program and will have 2% LSC available to qualifying farmers from April 5th until June 30th.  The abbreviated details of the program are as follows:

·         The product is only available to Agricultural Producers in Starland County

·         Each producer is restricted to 2 cases (48 bottles) of Strychnine per purchase and the minimum purchase is 6 bottles

·          The purchaser must sign a document that states:

a)    they have a severe infestation as defined by AB Agriculture and Food,

b)    they will use 2% LSC only for control of the RGS’s,

c)    they will not sell or give away any 2% LSC,

·         Provincial Pest Inspectors may inspect your property to ensure that you are complying with all the label directions and conditions of use and registration

·          Any non-target poisonings must be reported and the product cannot be used on any quarter which has burrowing owls or any other species at risk

·          Violation of any of the outlined terms and conditions will result in the purchaser forfeiting the right to any further purchases of strychnine and could result in a fine of no less than $1500.00

Cost of the product is $276.00 per case or $11.50 per bottle

For further information or to book your product please contact Alan Hampton or Dara Kudras at 772-3793

Starland County ASB Equipment Rental/Service Rates 2019                     

  1. 2011 Brillion Grass Seeder (10 foot), $10.00/acre or $100.00/day minimum charge
  2. JD 1590 No-till Drill (15 foot), $15.00/acre or $100.00/day minimum charge 
  3. Hoof Trimming Chute, $20.00/day
  4. Livestock Weighing Scale, $10.00/day
  5. Rawhide Portable Corral System, $200.00/day
  6. Livestock Water Transfer System, $395.00/dug out, $250.00 if you set up yourself
  7. Frontier Breaking Disc (14 foot), $500.00/day ($250.00/hr cleanup charge at discretion of the fieldman)
  8. Back Pack Sprayer, 1 day free, $5.00/day thereafter
  9. Pruning Tools, 1 day free, $5.00/day thereafter
  10. Measuring Wheel, 1 day free, $5.00/day thereafter
  11. Hay Testing Probe, 1 day free, $5.00/day thereafter
  12. Grain Bag Roller, No Charge
  13. No Drift Chemical Application Roller, No Charge

  1. Shelterbelt Spraying Program, $50.00/hour + Chemicals
  2. Weed Spraying Program, $50.00/hour + Chemicals ( Less 60% on Toadflax & Scentless Chamomile Incentive Program)
  3. Tree Planter, Free of charge. (Must have 250 + trees for ASB to come out and plant, or you can use yourself)
  4. Shelterbelt Fabric Roller, $20.00/hour + Fabric Costs (Minimum charge $50.00)
  5. Grasshopper Bait Spreading Equipment, $25.00/day
  6. Backsloping Program, 40% incentive program for qualifying projects
  7. Solar Powered Water Pumping System for Livestock, For demonstration purposes only. 2 week demonstration period. 

If you are needing dandelion control you can use our No-Drift Chemical Roller at no charge, which can be pulled with a lawn mower or quad. You can also give Dara Kudras a call at the County office, and she can direct you to a private yard spraying service.

Pest Control Services:

  1. Magpie Traps, $5.00/week
  2. Skunk Traps, $5.00/week
  3. Smoke Bombs, $10.00/pack (4)
  4. 2% Liquid Control Strychnine Program


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