Fire Permits

The Forest and Prairie Protection Act states “no person shall light an outdoor fire during the fire season on land in a permit area unless that person is the holder of a subsisting fire permit.”  In Starland County, residents are required to obtain fire permits all year. During extremely dry conditions, Starland County can extend a fire ban on all fires if they feel that conditions are unsuitable for burning. 

Apply online for your burn permit

 Follow this link to apply for a Burn Permit, Starland County Burn Permit Application. Or if you do not have internet access, you can come to the County Office and they can submit a request on your behalf.  Failure to obtain one can result in charges, or being charged with the cost of a fire truck visiting the scene of a fire where no permit was issued.

When applying online, you will be notified via email a permit number if your application is approved. You must have that email with permit number and instructions available with you at the site of the burn while burning is in progress.  If your permit is approved, the system will automatically email your local fire department, however, please call your fire chief when you actually go to lite your burn so they are aware it is active in case anyone calls to report they see a fire.

Fires must be extinguished before expiration of the permit, upon cancellation of the permit or before sunset.

A fire permit is valid only for the period for which it is issued. Fire permits are issued for a maximum of ten days. You can re-apply if required. By obtaining a fire permit you have simply indicated that you wish to burn. You must follow the conditions set out on the fire permit.

Fires must be lit when weather conditions are favorable. Don’t start to burn under windy, gusty conditions. Fires must be monitored and kept from spreading to adjacent properties. Adequate fire guards shall be in place prior to any burn. Burns shall be done in compliance with the guidelines set forth under Bylaw #1042 and the guidelines set by the Forest & Prairie Protection Act.

A fire permit may be suspended or cancelled at any time by a forest officer or fire guardian and upon receiving notice of the suspension or cancellation the person concerned shall immediately extinguish any fire set pursuant to his permit.

As a landowner, you may be financially liable for all costs to extinguish a wild fire which starts on your land.

All Fire Permit inquiries can be directed to the main office.

To see the current fire status of our County please click here

Updated 1 month ago on May 21st, 2024