Fire Services

Fire Services Region Map

Starland County provides fire services through agreements with six local fire departments located around the county at:

Village of Munson

Village of Morrin

Hamlet of Rumsey

Hamlet of Craigmyle

Village of Delia

Hamlet of Michichi

Fire suppression services are provided for a cost as outlined in the Fire Bylaw and updated at the yearly meeting of the Starland Regional Fire Protection Committee.  Charges will be levied on either the person causing or contributing to the fire or the owner or occupant of the property. 

Fire permits are also required for all controlled outdoor or structure fires taking place within the County from March 1st until October 31st.  Fire Permits are issued for free and are available at the Main Administration Office in Morrin and can be issued by fax or email.  During certain times of the year when weather conditions do not permit safe burning the County may issue a County-wide fire ban during which time no new permits will be issued.

In addition to fire suppression Starland County is also committed to preventing fires.  Qualified fire inspectors are available for building inspections year round.

For all inquiries please contact the main administration office at 403-772-3793.

Updated 1 month, 1 week ago on Mar 8th, 2024