Buying or Developing Property

Purchasing or developing property can pose a number of challenges.  By checking off the following items you can avoid problems, penalties and delays:

  1. Know the rules that apply to you.  The Starland County Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw are used to ensure that land use and development occur in way that is beneficial to all Starland County Residents.  Together they guide the future development of land in Starland County by establishing municipal priorities, zones of land use, and prescribing rules for development such as how far a building has to be from other properties.  As a first step find out how your land or project fit in to Starland County's long term priorities by reading the Municipal Development Plan and find out what rules apply to you by verifying your land's zone in the Land Use Bylaw.
  2. Research the title to your property.  Many properties can have other restrictions on development placed on them known as Restricted Covenants that will be listed on an up to date title.  Ensure that you know everything there is to know about your land by obtaining a current copy of the title from Alberta Land Titles or any Alberta Registries office.
  3. Ensure your boundaries are accurate.  Though it carries an additional cost it may be worthwhile to pay a surveyor to confirm the accuracy property lines.  Mistakes in identifying correct property boundaries can lead to serious problems down the road.
  4. Water and sewage issues.  Living in or operating a business in a rural area can pose additional challenges related to water a sewer.  Ensure that you know where water to your property will come from (distribution line, well, cistern) and where sewage will be disposed of (septic fields, pump outs, piped collection system).  Sewage disposal can present specific challenges when developing land and depending on the system used additional land use requirement may be necessary.  Please become familiar with Starland County's rules and guidelines when considering which sewage disposal method is most appropriate for you.
  5. Accessing your property.  If your property requires a new approach for access or the modification of an existing approach you must contact Starland County and obtain permission.
  6. Development Permits.  The rules outlined in the Land Use Bylaw are enforced through the issuance of development permits.  There are a number of activities that require a development permit such as building a barn or starting a home based business.  Projects that do not obtain a necessary development permit can be subject to substantial penalties including work stoppage and fines.  Please follow the link on the side to learn more about this important process.
  7. Safety Codes.  All buildings are required to meet provincial safety codes standards by obtaining the necessary permits.  Individuals performing major renovations or construction work should inquire about the the required safety codes permits.
  8. Alberta One-Call.  Always remember to call 1-800-242-3447 before you dig to avoid underground utilities.

For more information or to discuss any of the items listed above we encourage you contact us and set up a meeting to discuss your project in detail.

Updated 9 years, 2 months ago on Mar 3rd, 2015