Subdividing Land

What is a Subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of dividing a parcel of land into any number of smaller parcels as permitted by the County's and the Province's regulations.  Each newly created parcel is issued its own title from the Alberta Land Titles Office.  Subdivision may also include the adjustment of existing property lines between existing parcels of land referred to as a "lot line adjustment".

Why Subdivide my Land?

Land is commonly subdivided so that parts can be sold.  In agricultural areas a typical example would be an individual who subdivides a parcel to separate the house site from the agricultural land so one or both of the new parcels can be sold.

The Subdivision process in Starland County

In Starland County the subdivision process is managed by Palliser Regional Municipal Services which is non-profit regional planning services provider which work for many of the municipalities in the Starland Area.  To learn more about the process of subdivision or to apply please follow the link here.  Additionally you can see how the process for subdivision works by opening the document below.

Subdivision Approval Process

Changing the Use

As with obtaining a development permit, some types of subdivision may require an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw for the subdivision to be allowed.  Either Starland County or Palliser Regional Municipal Services can advise on necessity to obtain an amendment.  Both the application form and a visual representation of the Bylaw Amendment Process can found in the document links below.

Form - Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application
Land Use Bylaw Amendment Flowchart

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