Municipal Addressing

A municipal addressing system is in place for all homes and businesses in Starland County to help aid emergency response personal when responding to an emergency in remote and rural locations they may not be familiar with.  All parcels with either commercial, industrial or residential development have been assigned an address by Starland County.  For this to work there are two standards being used, one for rural properties and one for urban/hamlet development.

Rural Addressing

Implemented in 2011 the rural addressing system in Starland County is made up of the network of blue address signs that can be seen near the primary access to developed residential, commercial and industrial properties in the County.  The numbers are based on a template developed by the Provincial Government and slightly modified to fit our county.   Each property is designated a municipal address that relates to the range road, township road or highway from which the property’s driveway is built.  Some major points to remember:

  • Addresses are referenced off the nearest range road, nearest even numbered township road or nearest highway.
  • Address numbers increase going North and West.
  • Even addresses are on the North and West side of the roads and odd addresses on the South and East side.

To get an idea of how this works consider the following examples:

Example 1: 213004 Twp Rd 342

The access location (approach) is on Township Rd 34-2, and 21-3 is the intersecting Range Road number to the east.  004 is the address number on the north side of Township Rd 34-2.

Example 2: A 342020 Rge Rd 213

The access location (approach) is on Range Road 21-3, and 34-2 is the intersecting Township Road number to the south.  020 is the address number on the west side of Range Road 213.

The “A” in the address indicates that this is the first residence accessible from this approach. The “A” will not be shown on the rural address sign but will instead be displayed on the actual residence much like a city or town address.

For a visual representation of how this works and more explanation please download the Rural Addressing Guide.

Urban/Hamlet Addressing

All hamlet residences have been assigned a new address that matches with the hamlet street naming system.

Property Owner Responsibilities

Starland County’s Address System was  created by Bylaw 1119 and mandates that all businesses and residences that have been assigned an address by Starland County must display this address.  It is the property owners responsibility to make sure that the sign is properly maintained and displayed at all times.  Additionally it is the responsibility of the landowner to replace a damaged or unreadable sign.  Signs can be purchased from Starland County by calling the administration office.  Prices for installation and sign hardware are charged at cost and are set periodically by Council.  Charges for new signs will be collected at the development permit stage.

Hamlet businesses and residences are responsible for purchasing and installing their own house numbers that are to be displayed on the house.

For more information on sign placement requirements or other legal requirement please read Bylaw 1101 by downloading the link below.

Bylaw 1119 - Rural Addressing

Oil and Gas Properties

While not required to have an approach sign, businesses wishing to have a sign at the approach to their oil and gas facilities for emergency response reasons can purchase a sign by calling the Starland Administration Office and providing them with information regarding the type of installation, latitude and longitude and contact information.

Updated 9 years, 4 months ago on Mar 3rd, 2015