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Municipal Government Act

Starland County is municipality in Alberta and like all municipalities was created under the authority of the Municipal Government Act of Alberta.  This legislation set out the purpose of municipalities as well as the rules that we must operate under.  For a copy of this legislation please click here.


Bylaws are laws created by the Starland County. They are enforced by Peace Officers or Development Officers. Bylaws in Alberta are created under the authority of the Municipal Government Act.

To pass bylaws, Council must give them Three Readings (three separate approvals) at Council meetings. The public is encouraged to provide input.  To see bylaws sorted by category click here.  The following is a list of current Starland County Bylaws.

Bylaw 789 - Regional Library System
Bylaw 799 - Regulation of Concerts
Bylaw 839 - Campground Fees Authorization
Bylaw 873 - Loading and Unloading water on Road Allowances
Bylaw 877 - To prohibit discharge of firearms within designated areas of Starland County
Bylaw 890 - Hamlet of Craigmyle Fire Department Establishment
Bylaw 925 - Stubble Burning Bylaw
Bylaw 926 - Top Soil Removal Bylaw
Bylaw 938 - Playground Speed Zone Craigmyle
Bylaw 985 - Dog Bylaw
Bylaw 995 - Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Bylaw 1001 - To establish an assessment review board
Bylaw 1004 - To establish the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
Bylaw 1005 - To establish a Subdivision Authority
Bylaw 1006 - Craigmyle Water System and Tariff Rates
Bylaw 1010 - Speed limits in Recreation Areas
Bylaw 1026 - Road Ban Bylaw
Bylaw 1030 - Rowley amendment to Dog Bylaw
Bylaw 1031 - Parks and Campgrounds
Bylaw 1037 - Craigmyle Water System Bylaw Amendment
Bylaw 1040 - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Bylaw 1041 - Records Retention and Disposition
Bylaw 1042 - Establishment and Operation of Fire Protection Services
Bylaw 1043 - Firefighters Using Flashing Green Lights
Bylaw 1047 - Fees for administrative services
Bylaw 1055 - Cemetery Bylaw
Bylaw 1056 - Extended Dance Events
Bylaw 1059 - Peace Officer - Regulated Moves
Bylaw 1060 - Restrictions on Burning Barrels in Hamlets
Bylaw 1063 - Hamlet Utilities Bylaw
Bylaw 1074 - Penalties on unpaid property taxation
Bylaw 1081 - Levy on sand and gravel businesses
Bylaw 1090 - Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Bylaw 1091 - Traffic Bylaw
Bylaw 1092 - Nuisance Bylaw
Bylaw 1119 - Rural Addressing
Bylaw 1127 - Chief Administrative Officer Appointment
Bylaw 1137 - Water Utility Bylaw
Bylaw 1139 - Delia Intermunicipal Development Plan
Bylaw 1140 - Morrin Intermunicipal Development Plan
Bylaw 1141 - Munson Intermunicipal Development Plan
Bylaw 1142 - Municipal Development Plan
Bylaw 1143 - Delia Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework
Bylaw 1144 - Morrin Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework
Bylaw 1145 - Munson Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework
Bylaw 1149 - Kneehill County Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework
Bylaw 1150 - Drumheller Intermunicipal Development Plan
Bylaw 1151 - Renewable Energy Tax Incentive
Bylaw 1155 - Regional Emergency Management Agency

One of the most important Bylaws in effect in any municipality is the Land Use Bylaw.  This Bylaw sets out the rules and regulations for developing and using land in Starland County.  For more information on land use please consult the land use section of this website.

Bylaw 1125 - Land Use Bylaw
Map for Land Use Bylaw 1125

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