Policies provide overarching standards for decision making and operations within Starland County. They are not typically enforceable by law, but they can help an organization operate consistently. Policies are approved by Council and carried out by administration.  Below is a list of policies of interest to the public.

Policy 110-14 Councillor Long Service Recognition
Policy 120-1 Municipal Vehicle Equipment
Policy 120-2 Risk Control Policy
Policy 120-3 Disposal of Assets
Policy 120-4 Purchase of Staff Clothing
Policy 120-5 Substance Abuse
Policy 120-6 Staff Cell Phone Provision
Policy 120-7 Wellness Policy
Policy 120-7-1 Councillor Wellness Account
Policy 120-8 Public Participation Policy
Policy 130-1 Home Computer Purchase
Policy 130-2 Retirement Contract
Policy 130-4 Employee Departure Appreciation Gift
Policy 130-5 Long Service Retirement Gift
Policy 130-12 Flex-time Work Program
Policy 130-14 Employee Long Service Recognition
Policy 130-21 In Memoriam Donation
Policy 130-22 Modified Work
Policy 210-21 Fire Permit
Policy 210-22 Fire Control Burn Operations and Procedures
Policy 310-1 Inventory Control
Policy 310-2-4 Municipal Equipment Rental
Policy 310-2-4(i) Contracting Out of Municipal Equipment - BBQ Rental
Policy 310-8 Fencing Regulations
Policy 320-2 Land Acquisition
Policy 320-3 Starland County Road Inspection
Policy 320-3-1 Construction on Road Allowance
Policy 320-5 Gravel Sales to Ratepayers
Policy 320-6 Road Use Policy - Industrial/Commercial Truck Hauls
Policy 320-12-1 Private Access
Policy-320-12-1 (i) Industrial Access
Policy 320-13 Minimum Maintenance - Farm Residence Dust Abatement Option
Policy 320-13-1 Snow Removal Private Laneway
Policy 320-14 Agricultural Permit
Policy 320-15 Dust Control
Policy 320-35 Earth Borrow Payment
Policy 320-36 Crop Damages
Policy 560-1 Burial Site Preparation
Policy 720-30 Operational Grants
Policy 720-31 Amateur Team Grant
Policy 720-32 Referee and Coaching Clinics Grant
Policy 720-33 Playground Grant
Policy 810-1 Utility Collection
Policy 970-2 Tangible Capital Asset
Policy 970-15 Accounts Receivable Collection

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