Financial Information

Budget Process

Each fiscal year, County Council provides general budget direction to administration at the beginning of the year with the passing of the Interim Budget and again in May with the passing of the Final Budget which takes into account information such as grants, disbursements and changes of estimate that are not known at the beginning of the year.  The Final Budget also sets the tax rates for the fiscal year which are due in the fall.

Audit Process

The Municipal Government Act requires Starland County to appoint an auditor, who cannot be either a County Councillor or employee.  For this purpose Starland County has appointed Endeavor Chartered Accountants of Hanna, Alberta as its auditors. The Auditors report annually to Council on the financial statements. These statements are prepared according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and specified in the Municipal Government Act.

Starland County is committed to the excellent and prudent financial management of its resources. For a better understanding of our financial position please browse through the documents below.

2023 Final Budget

2022 Audited Financial Statement

2022 Final budget report

Financial Statement 2021

Financial Statement 2020 :  2021 Budget

Financial Statement 2019

Financial Statement 2018

Financial Statement 2017

Financial Statement 2016

Financial Statement 2015

Financial Statement 2014

Financial Statement 2013

Financial Statement 2012

Financial Statement 2011

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